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Shogun Page Builder + AB Testing for Shopify

Shogun for Shopify:

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Page Builder + AB Testing
Build custom pages with a powerful editor and run AB tests to optimize your conversion for sales, add to cart, forms, & more. (140 characters)

Landing, Blog, & Product Pages
Create landing pages, blog pages, and product pages with elements like sliders, tabs, product gallery, accordion, video, templates, & more.

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Analytics + Marketing Features
Schedule marketing campaigns and measure page performance with analytics for sales funnels, add to cart, forms, & more.

The Shogun Page Builder is trusted by over 10K stores including the top brands on Shopify like Leesa Mattresses, Chubbies Shorts and MVMT Watches.

Shogun-enabled stores collectively generate over 70 million in revenue every month with visitors interacting with 175,843 live Shogun pages.

Our world class support team has an average response time under 4 hours with specialists based in the USA, UK, Australia and India.

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Build and optimize your pages with Shogun, the most powerful page building platform for eCommerce teams and agencies.

Everything You Need to Optimize Conversion Rates:

Visual editor to build beautiful custom pages
Analytics suite to measure page performance
AB testing to optimize page variants

Page Builder
Build beautiful landing pages, blog pages, and product pages with our powerful visual editor. No code required. Works for landing pages, blog pages, product pages, home page, FAQ page, contact us page, and more. For companies that need pages pixel perfect to spec; developer tools allow for limitless customization.

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Measure page performance with a visual analytics suite that monitors key metrics like sales, add to carts, bounce rate, sessions, and form submits. Compare pages against each other to see how their metrics differ.

AB Testing
Optimize your page conversion rate with AB testing. Easily build different variants of the same page. Run AB tests to see which variant produces a higher conversion rate for key metrics like sales, add to carts, bounce rate, sessions, and form submits. Control how long campaigns run for, and how many of your visitors see the test.

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#1 Ranked Customer Support
Shogun has 24/7 global in house client support based in USA, UK, India, Jamaica, and Australia. At our Enterprise level, we offer Dedicated Customer Success Managers to tend to your account.

Shogun is a Shopify Plus Technology Partner, and trusted by over 8,000 eCommerce companies and agencies on Shopify, BigCommerce, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Our software is used by brands like Leesa, MVMT, Chubbies, and Gaiam. Our agency partners include BVAccel, We Make Websites, Creatur, and more.

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30+ Page Templates
Choose from a library of pre-made page templates designed for conversion.

Library of Elements
Go beyond the basic building blocks with elements like forms, sliders, accordions, and countdown timers.

SEO Controls
Easily manage page title, meta description, open graph meta tags, and alternate text.

Design by Screen Size
Create unique visitor experiences for widescreen, laptop, tablet and mobile screen sizes.

100% Customization with Dev Tools
Technical team members can code re-usable drag and drop elements for the rest of the team.

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User Permissions for Teams
Control who on your team can make changes to your pages and tests.

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